Monday, January 27, 2020

Better off Wickless Warmer of the Week: 1/27/2020

Hi guys!  This is the last #WOTW post for January and I’m finishing out the month with another warmer that’s being discontinued….  The “Friends and Family Warmer”.

Per Scentsy, “Transparent glass glows softly from a hand-wound wire frame, illuminating a message of togetherness and love.”
This warmer is a great one to gift as it appeals to so many different people and it’s a nice neutral warmer that would go well in any space.  The Friends and Family warmer does glow and uses a 40W bulb. 

If you need this warmer this is your LAST WEEK to grab it before it goes away!  Pick yours up here:


Monday, January 20, 2020

Better off Wickless Warmer of the Week: 1/20/2020

Hey everyone!  I’m back with another warmer I’d like to highlight for this week and again it’s from the discontinued list.  This week’s “Warmer of the Week” is the Amber Fluted Shade Warmer!

Per Scentsy, “Rich amber glass with a bronze interior, dappled by flecks of soft light.”
This warmer is absolutely gorgeous! If you like the look of the Enchanted Pumpkin Warmer (warmer of the month for October 2019) this is similar in the effect… it has those little flecks all over it and just radiates warmth and beauty.

This warmer will be going away after this month, so if you need it, grab it now at 10% off!

Monday, January 13, 2020

Better off Wickless Warmer of the Week: 1/13/2020

Hey guys!  Hope the new year is treating you well… just got about 7 inches of snow here so the kids & dogs are having a blast playing in it and I thought it was time to do another Warmer of the Week pick!
This is another dedicated to the warmers that are going away…  This week’s pick is the Cranberry Glass Mini Warmer!

Per Scentsy, “A festive and bold display of speckled light with a ruby glow.”  This and the Cream mini warmer are both BEAUTIFUL! The speckles that show on the warmers when they’re lit are really gorgeous and yet still subtle. 

This warmer will no longer be available as of 2/3/2020, so if you like this one or meant to pick one up as a gift for someone…. Grab it now!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Better off Wickless Warmer of the Week: 1/6/2020

Hi guys, sorry for the hiatus here…. I got soooo busy for the holidays!  But, I’m back at it and wanted to spend January dedicating my “Warmer of the Week” posts to warmers that are going away!
That’s right… with our catalog changing to the Spring/Summer starting in February, Scentsy has announced which current products are being discontinued (meaning you won’t be able to purchase them after 2/2/2020).
This week’s warmer is the “Spindle Warmer”!  I personally have this warmer in my home and LOVE it. 
Per Scentsy, “Bronzed, hand-wound wire fits like a glove over a classic lantern shape for an elegant, rustic-chic appearance.”

The Spindle Warmer is 7” tall and takes the 40 Watt Edison Bulb.  The only ‘warning’ or potential negative I have about this warmer is just that it’s SUPER bright.  I have mine placed on the side table near my spot on the couch in the Family Room and it’s like having a little lamp over there.  I enjoy that aspect, but some may not or may not expect it.  So, just be aware that it’s very bright. I do really love this warmer though.  I have this one and I also have the “Vino” warmer (both similar in style… hand-woven wire) and they’re gorgeous!

If this warmer is up your alley, be sure to grab it this month before it goes away!!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Better off Wickless Warmer of the Week: 9/23/2019

Hi guys!  The warmer I’ll be highlighting this week is actually our “Monthly Special” and discounted during the month of September….   The Manic Mansion Warmer!


Per Scentsy, “Perfect for the parlor or the porch, the Manic Mansion Warmer offsets any sinister Halloween d├ęcor with a more approachable haunted house. Handcrafted of metal (and including a green lightbulb), the warmer's ghoulish glow, friendly ghost and broken screen door humbly beckon you in. Lift the roof to warm your favorite fragrance.”

As a consultant I subscribe to the Scent & Warmer of the Month…. What this means is that each month I get the Warmer of the month, 9 bars of the Scent of the Month, 72 Rub & Sniff stickers of the Scent of the Month, a Room Spray of the Scent of the Month along with 50 “Monthly Special” brochures that highlight the warmer & scent. 

Sometimes I put the warmer in my stock for upcoming events so I can potentially sell it, but this one I am keeping!  It’s VERY cute! I LOVE that it comes with a green bulb and I adore all the little details it has to offer.  The ghost, bat and pumpkin are cute enough, but I really love that the screen on the top window is only half there… gives it a truly spooky/abandoned feeling!

If you need this cute warmer in your life this holiday season you only have one more week to pick it up at the discounted price!  Grab yours here:

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Better off Wickless Warmer of the Week: 9/16/2019

Hey friends! This week I’m going to highlight a very special, very cool warmer… it’s not out yet, but it will be available to purchase this Thursday, 9/19/2019….. ready for it??

The Darth Vader Warmer!

With the final chapter of the iconic Star Wars™ saga due in theaters later this year, excitement is building! These intergalactic products are true collector’s items!

Per Scentsy, “Give yourself to the dark side — and seduce any Star Wars™ fan — with this most-impressive Darth Vader Warmer. Besides his imposing frame, it’s the details that make his presence truly fearsome, from the light-up uniform to the TIE Fighter-shaped cutouts in back that cast ominous silhouettes on any surface.”

I love that this will be a collector’s piece and I also love that it has special Tie Fighter cut outs in the back that cast a silhouette…. That is VERY cool. 

Along with the warmer you can also get the new Star Wars: Dark Side of the Force Scentsy Bar. Per Scentsy, “Feel the power of this fully armed and operational fragrance, churning with lavender, Madagascar ginger, vetiver and agarwood.”

Here’s how you can embrace your dark side on Thursday:

  • Darth Vader™ – Scentsy Warmer, $70
  • Star Wars™: Dark Side of the Force – Scentsy Bar, $6.50
  • 3-pack of licensed Scentsy Bars, $18.50
  • 6-pack of licensed Scentsy Bars, $32.50

If you need this warmer in your life, set an alarm on Thursday and go to:

Monday, September 9, 2019

Better off Wickless Warmer of the Week: 9/9/2019

Hi everyone!  For this week’s pick I’m going to go with my favorite warmer from the new “Harvest Collection”…. 
The Crystal Leaves Warmer!

Per Scentsy, “A flurry of leaves etched right onto the warmer body comes alive when illuminated, for a magical, autumn-inspired appearance.”
I am in LOVE with this warmer! It’s so simple but beautiful and perfect for the entire Fall season! Another consultant put a yellow bulb in it and then an orange bulb (both available from Scentsy now) and it was even more gorgeous!  I’ve purchased mine but it hasn’t arrived yet…. Trying to wait patiently! LOL
If your home needs the touch of this Crystal Leaves Warmer you can pick yours up here: